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Mass Media Marketing, Branding & Public Relations (PR) Firm

Your product will never stand out if all it does is blend in.....

"That’s what we’re here for — to separate our elite clients from the rest, to drive bottom-line results and make the brand they represent stand out! we represent the client who somewhat goes against the grain, the client that chooses to stand out because they have never wanted to blend in!" - Dominicquell "Boss" Turner, CEO

For over 15 years, Bossy Inc. PR Firm has been at the forefront of the publicity, branding, and marketing industries with innovative and impactful campaigns that have been highly lucrative for its clients and have set trends in promotional strategies worldwide. Bossy Inc. PR’s wins involve entertainment superstars, top athletes, fine restaurants, household-name companies, one U.S. president, visionary entrepreneurs, and celebrity doctors and stylists.

Behind the powerhouse boutique firm is Dominicquell Turner, a business and publicity thought leader with a profound story that galvanized her into achieving success. “I was a professional music artist/songwriter with a very promising career and then found myself a survivor of a toxic relationship who had to figure out a way to survive,” the LA-born and raised Dominicquell reveals. “I always say the world of PR found me.”

With tenacity, charm, style and razor sharp business skills, Dominicquell inadvertently found herself building a PR empire one client at a time. “I remember being in deep financial trouble and walking into every beautiful store in Beverly Hills with my friends and giving my business card to attract more clientele,” Dominicquell says candidly.

From these dynamic beginnings, Dominicquell built a company with diverse PR capabilities and cross industry clout that could strategize target-specific campaigns for clients ranging from small business professionals to Hollywood heavyweights.

Bossy Inc. PR is unique from other firms in that every client works directly with Dominicquell, though she calls on her accomplished and diversely talented staff selectively to support the specific needs of each client. “I keep a boutique company deliberately. When clients hire me, they get me,” she says.

Another profound distinguishing factor in Bossy Inc. PR’s effectiveness is Dominicquell’s background in celebrity management. In the entertainment industry, management is a 24/7 role that encompasses being a sage and a business partner. “Clients hire me for PR, but I always throw in my managerial skillset—everyone needs some caring and nourishment. I have the passion and talents, and I don’t mind working the extra hours,” Dominicquell says.

Dominicquell’s story opens with humble origins in the Los Angeles, CA and gains momentum when at 20 she moved with her family to Houston, Texas. There, enamored with skills and resources from Hollywood’s pageantry and wealth of opportunities, she dove into the entertainment industry with passion and zeal. At this time, she keenly sensed her gifts as a music artist—wonderfully prefiguring her talent scout capabilities—and was validated on many levels when a prominent Long Beach, California & Houston Hip-Hop artists Daz Dillinger & Big Hawk along with well known Texas music manager Weslyn Monroe (Momma Wes) not only agreed with her assessment, but also gave her a employment opportunity which allowed her to go pro.

Looking back on her journey, Dominicquell offers an intriguing perspective. “What’s been the most meaningful thing for me is creating a legacy for my 3 children Lavert, Lauren & Luke Paxton and giving them a reason to be proud of me ,” she says. “That was the motivation behind everything I did. From a broken relationship filled with difficult situations came a businesswoman. I didn’t have people pitching in to back my business. I created this on my own to provide security and a wonderful future for my children. I made something happen. Like I always say, PR found me.”

Bossy Inc. is a full service Mass Media Marketing, Branding & Public Relations Firm which was formed in 1993 to meet the demands of the fast growing us entertainment industry in the United States & ABROAD.

Why Bossy Inc. ?

Resourceful, innovative, and nimble!!!

Before anything we must learn your brand, your goals and objectives. This informs everything we do. With this foundation we strategize an in depth plan.

The Bossy Inc. staff works hard, thinks big, and delivers successful results. We are known for needle-moving public relations programs, a novel approach, and innovative people who deliver measurable, game-changing results. 

We hold ourselves to strict standards of quality and craftsmanship, which result in distinctive solutions that resonate with audiences. But our success is not simply defined by our work; it's also through the experience, teamwork, and partnerships developed along the way.

At Bossy Inc., we believe there is no one-size-fits-all approach!

Each client's needs are assessed individually and then the bossy inc. team members devise smart, proactive campaigns that exceed expectations. 

Our constructive framework is agile and collaborative. We invite open dialogue and transparent communication throughout our structured step-by-step process.

When people are passionate about a brand it becomes a part of their lifestyle! 

At Bossy inc. mass media marketing, branding & PR Firm We do more than generate great publicity - we assist people, products & brands inbbuilding deeper relationships with the general public & consumers.

The Bossy Inc. Staff emotionally engages audiences in a way that is responsive, consistent, moving, meaningful & sincere.

No matter the strategy or tactic, Bossy inc. is always focused on one question:

"What's your definition of success?" because every pitch, every project, every event, every campaign we craft is aligned with your business objective.

Here at Bossy Inc. we have gained an esteem client base & affiliations with several vital organizations, media outlets, record labels, artists, dj's, and radio stations that provide us with the necessary connections to be successful in the entertainment industry.

In addition, we've developed relationships with the movers & shakers of the entertainment industry which allows our company to maintain a competitive edge.

Over the years, Bossy Inc. has expanded its mailing list to over 40,000 industry contacts and over 50,000 music fans and concert go-ers all across the United States!

In the Music Entertainment arena, Bossy Inc. remains to be unmatched by any other entertainment company by offering a broad spectrum of services designed to raise awareness and accelerate consumer action.

We reach and penetrate consumers with a variety of target marketing methods gaining the maximum market share for our clients.

This is accomplished through alternative advertising and unique strategies that provide artists with many services and marketing ideas.

Choosing the most effective marketing strategies and services is critical to the survival of your business.

With the onslaught of advertising constantly bombarding the marketplace, it has become increasingly difficult for

independent companies to get their message heard above the noise.

In response to this challenge Bossy Inc. helps to aid independent individual & companies in reaching their target communities.

We provide marketing, branding, promotions & public relations all across the United States, Europe, Japan and Australia!

we work with our clients on a case by case campaign basis in order to design a plan especially for you!

We focus on developing a successful Publicity, branding, Marketing & PR blueprint for you & your product that utilizes it to the fullest!

At Bossy Inc., we are focused on providing Mass Media marketing, branding & Public Relations services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction & we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.