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Mass Media Marketing, Branding & Public Relations (PR) Firm

Your product will never stand out if all it does is blend in.....


What is Content Marketing ?

Good public relations has always been about creating and promoting relevant content, but a solid content marketing strategy is a more important piece than it’s ever been.

For the Bossy Inc. client, that typically means the creation of various forms of content developed to be relevant to a company’s most valuable audiences, usually customers and stakeholders. Skillfully crafted blog posts, bylined articles, videos, images, and more can help the client attract, engage, and inform those all-important audiences. But content marketing isn’t an end in itself. The Bossy Inc. goal is to build a relationship on your behalf with your prospects by answering their questions (if any) or solving problems, with commercial messages. 

Good content should give more than it receives, because it works over the long term to build engagement and loyalty, or to spur inquiries about a business service or product.

Google’s recent algorithm updates have outdated dubious link-building schemes in favor of high-quality, original material that is shareable and engaging, – exactly what a good PR campaign should deliver.

How to start with content marketing? 

For clients new to content marketing, Bossy Inc. sometimes start small, with a first step as simple as the use of PR placements in a direct-marketing campaign. The clients executive speech can be adapted into a blog post or series, and a bylined article can become a slideshare presentation, for example.

What To Expect From A Content-Marketing-Focused PR Agency?

A comprehensive content marketing program is informed by both business goals and the needs of prospective customers. Our process typically begins by helping clients think through their goals, resources, and internal capabilities, Then we study the people we want to reach, not just as customers or prospects, but as individuals with specific needs, problems, influences, and reactions to their environment. 

The final step is the development of an ongoing plan to create the most relevant and shareable material and maximize its use by customers and prospects.

At Bossy Inc. PR, we refer to marketing, branding, public relations, and Content Marketing at the “PB&J” of online marketing. Each has a different goal, but they work well together and each enhances the other, since the best content marketing programs are integrated into broader communications campaigns. 

Editorial coverage generated through a Bossy Inc. PR campaign – which we refer to as “earned media coverage” produced by a client can work together in a 1+1=2 fashion to enhance SEO, engage prospects and customers, and build credibility.

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