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Mass Media Marketing, Branding & Public Relations (PR) Firm

Your product will never stand out if all it does is blend in.....

Miss Megann

Founder / CEO of I Assist

If Houston's rap industry evolves by the song, Megann Lundquist is there to see it transform from notes on a page to an anthem.

Executive assistance, music consulting, entrepreneurship are just a few of her tasks.

Miss Megann and her "iAssist" team is a company that examines, preserves, and advocates for music artists.

Megann Lundquist, known as "Miss Megann" is the Houston music consultant "iAssist", her tactics in building and sustaining the extraordinary sounds of Houston rap are unparalleled.

"iAssist" was created to encourage artists to take direction in

their career on all levels, not to just be someone who is just "trying to make it big".

Lost In The Sauce

Megann Lundquist strategizes with artists on how to execute projects and network in different types of business endeavors as a consultant. Her first moment of independent artists reaching industry success was with The Sauce Twins -Sauce Walka and Sancho Saucy. Along with the assistance of Miss Megann, The Sauce Twins have reached an international level of celebrity as they continue to breakthrough as independent artists adding flavor to Houston rap culture.

"Tha Enclave Recording Studio" is where Miss Megann's office is located.

Artists come to meet with Miss Megann to create, record and perform for various audiences in the industry at her annual industry mixers which are held every Wednesday.

You never know what to expect as someone who is seeking talent in different types of music, Miss Megann keeps an open mind to all artists no matter how significant the artists' ego may be.

Miss Megann is Every Woman

Consultation and entrepreneurship aren't Miss Megan's only tasks. Parenting is another full-time job as she's always ready to clock in with her daughters and grandchildren. Miss Megann balances life head-on as a single mother and businesswoman.

Currently, Miss Megann is working hand in hand working with Sauce Walka preparing to launch the Lost N Sauce Tour which will feature Sancho Saucy, The Real Drippy, El Trainn, Peso Peso, Voochie P, Sauce Brazy & several other TSF artists along with Sauce Walka himself.

Miss Megann is definitely one to watch, so stay tuned!

Contact Miss Megann

For booking or media info please contact:

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