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Mass Media Marketing, Branding & Public Relations (PR) Firm

Your product will never stand out if all it does is blend in.....



What do Bossy Inc. Social Media Management Agents do?

Bossy Inc. Social media managers are the voice of companies on social and digital media sites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Four Square, Instagram, etc. Ever liked a company on Facebook? That account is managed by a social media manager.

The Bossy Inc. team creates and maintains new marketing campaigns, brand promotions or product lines for their company on different sites, monitor progress using web analytic tools, and answer directly to social media inquiries, all while using the company's voice and guidelines. 

Bossy Inc. social media managers are continuously generating content for our clients, creating new ideas and campaigns, and measuring how effective those ideas are. 

Bossy Inc. works with other creatives in the company, such as our marketing staff, public relations agents, legal, etc. to coordinate their campaigns with other initiatives within a company work to fit in to the overall marketing and promotional goals of the organization. 

Bossy Inc. social media managers always look for the latest trends online, making sure not only to keep up with public shifts in media attention, but also to keep our client and their product there as well!

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