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Rapper Lil KeKe was an early protégé of the iconic innovator of the Screwed & Chopped sound, DJ Screw and an original member of Houston rap collective The Screwed Up Click. Along with DJ Screw and the other members of The S.U.C., Lil KeKe would sculpt the sound of underground rap throughout the '90s, specifically in their region but also creating styles that resonated nationally and globally. Lil KeKe's solo music proved successful and groundbreaking as well, with his 1997 debut album, Don't Mess wit Texas, selling over 40,000 copies in Houston alone. Prolific to an astonishing degree, Lil KeKe released a nonstop series of mixtapes, fully fleshed-out albums, and "chopped and screwed" renditions of his work over the years, releasing a steady flow of music on various labels before signing to Swishahouse Records in 2005. This move helped solidify his status as an underground legend, and KeKe continued releasing new music for years to come, alongside the next generation he had helped influence.

Based in Houston, Texas, Lil KeKe began rapping in the early '90s, acting as a founding member of the loosely based local collective The Screwed Up Click. He started out working with his friend DJ Screw, making mixtapes alongside the iconic producer as the "chopped and screwed" production style took shape. His solo debut, Don't Mess wit Texas, arrived in 1997, already ensconced in local excitement due to the single "Southside" that preceded the album. On the anthem-level strength of "Southside," the album was an enormous hit and set the stage for what would become decades of dark, heavy street-influenced sounds from KeKe.

A bevy of mixtapes and albums flowed out over the next several years, including 1999's It Was All a Dream, 2001's dark and trippy Peepin' in My Window, 2004's Bad Company (a collaborative release with Shorty Mac), and many other releases. In 2005, Keke signed with the Swishahouse label and began work toward what would become his 2008 debut for the label, a guest star-heavy album called Loved by Few, Hated by Many that included spots from Slim Thug, Paul Wall, Pinc Gator, and many others. Loved by Few, Hated by Many was distributed by Swishahouse parent company Universal, and was in some ways the rapper's most visible work, but he shed multiple albums and mixtapes on the way to the album and directly after its release. Always busy, major records such as 2010's Addicted 2 Fame and 2012's Heart of a Hustla were bookended by stopgap releases, remix albums, and freestyle-heavy mixtapes.

Lil' Keke soldiered on with major releases such as 2014's Money Don't Sleep and 2016's Selfmade, and 2017 saw the release of a 20th anniversary edition of his debut album, Don't Mess wit Texas. In 2016, Lil' Keke was recognized by President Obama for his outstanding dedication to community service in the Houston area. In 2018, he continued growing his discography with Slfmade II, a volume of his signature styles that included guest appearances by Bun B, Slim Thug, Daz Dillinger, Big K.R.I.T., and many others.

In 2016, the rapper received an award from President Barack Obama for his community service efforts in the Houston area.


Big Pokey, is an American rapper from Houston, Texas. Pokey is associated with DJ Screw's Chopped & Screwed music, and is one of the original members of the S.U.C.

Big Pokey began rapping with Legendary Houston producer DJ Screw in the early 1990s releasing songs on many of DJ Screw's mixtapes. Big Pokey was featured on DJ Screw's mixtape "June 27th Freestyle" which became a landmark album in chopped and screwed hip hop.

His first full-length album appeared in early 1999, Hardest Pit in the Litter.

The following year, Pokey returned with D-Game 2000, another album of mid-tempo 808-driven beats featuring several of his Houston peers as guests. In 2001, he collaborated with the Wreckshop Wolfpack for Tha Collabo and then returned in 2002 with another solo album, Da Sky's Da Limit. In 2004, a clip of Pokey's song "Who Dat Talkin Down" was featured in the pilot episode of HBO's Entourage.

In 2005 Pokey was featured on Paul Wall's track "Sittin' Sidewayz" which peaked at #93 on US Billboard Hot 100.

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Los, who also goes by the name Loco is an American Independent Hip-Hop recording artist, songwriter and actor who hails from the Southside of Houston in the great state of Texas.

Los fell in love with music at a very young age. He recorded his first song in his Sophomore year of High School and has always written his own lyrics.

Los has not only been featured in several indie films he has also released a number of music singles and mixtapes. He is the leader of his own collective, GBC (abbreviated for “Grace Boyz Commission”) that he started along with his deceased brother Macc Grace.

Los is also one of the few Rap artists that consistently reaches out to bridge the generational gap between Hip-Hop and its family of artists.

Los is the Head Basketball Coach to AAU Traveling Basketball Team “The Texas Tarheels” (Ages 7-18). Under the supervision of Los or as the team knows him, Coach Grace, The Texas Tarheels won the Nationals in 2015.

Currently Los is in the process of recording and preparing for the release of his new solo project titled, “Los VS Loco” with a scheduled release date for this project is Feb. 12, 2020.

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Mike D is an American Hip-Hop artist born & raised on the SouthSide of Houston, Texas.

Mike-D's career as an artist began in the late 1980s, when he was signed to rapper Lil Troy's Short Stop Records. Troy was a Southside hustler turned label owner who was responsible for introducing legendary Houston rapper Scarface, later a member of Geto Boys, to the world, and who would have a double platinum single in "Wanna Be a Baller" in 1999.

Mike-D became a Screwtape mainstay, appearing on countless chapters in Screw's 248-volume library of released mixtapes (hundreds more exist), and releasing two albums with his group Southside Playaz, featuring rappers Mr. 3-2 and Claydoe and the late Fat Pat.

Now, Mike-D said, he has turned a new page and is working on his first solo album, to be titled "Hoggin the Game," with fellow S.U.C. member Z-Ro.



Wood, from the Screwed Up Click, also known as Woody Wood Aka Baby Face Carlito is an American Hip-Hop artist from Houston, Texas.

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One of the foremost contributors to the Houston Screwed & Chopped scene, the Botany Boyz have been prominent members of the S.U.C. from the early 1990s -current day. The group name is a reference to Botany Lane in the Cloverland area of Houston where they resided in their youth.

The Botany Boys consist of members C-Note, D-Red & Will Lean.

The Botany Boys first album, Thought of Many Ways, was released on their own label, Big Shot Records, in 1997; its follow-up, Forever Botany, was released in 1999 and managed to crack the Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop charts at #99 in 2000 as the Houston rap scene became more popular across the US. Since then, the members have concentrated more on solo projects, with C-Note being the most successful.


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The resilience of the late DJ Screw's Screwed Up Click - the rappers, producers and other characters from Houston's Southside who appeared on Screw's legendary mixtapes in the latter half of the '90s - continues to shine almost 12 years after his death.

The Screwed Up Click (S.U.C.) is an assortment of Hip-Hop Artists mainly from the Southside of Houston, TX created by Legendary DJ Screw. After these artists appeared on numerous Screw Tapes or Grey Tapes (Customized DJ music mixes collectivized on to one audio cassette) and the success of these cassettes in the greater Houston community. The came the spreading of the DJ Screw and Screwed Up Click name all over the State of Texas.

The Screwed Up Click has been referenced to Hip-Hop Crews such as the “NWA”, No Limit and” Bad Boy Records” of Texas.

The Members Include, but are not limited to DJ Screw himself, Kay-K, Lil Eke, Fat Pat, Big Hawk, Big Pokey, ESG, The Botany Boyz (C-Note, Will Lean, B.G. Gator & D Redd), Big Jut, Big Moe, Mr. 3-2, Z-Ro, Lil O, Macc Grace, Los, Mike D., Clay Doe, C Ward, Yungstar, Wood, Al D, Lil Flip, Lil Head, Lil 3rd, Randy & Rhino, Woss Ness (Big Steve, Big Bee, Mistah Luv, 3 4 Action (Pop, Brock & Poppa), Sha Ro, Enjolie, Keisha Pimp, Boss and many more.

In addition, Lil Troy, UGK (Pimp C & Bun B) and South Park Mexican or SPM are noted as extended members “Screwed Up Affiliated”.

Many members of the Screwed Up Click, or S.U.C., are considered key figures in the canon of Houston hip hop